Attend Our Exciting Events

Our events are made for mixing and mingling

You can come to King's Antiques and More in Shreveport, LA to experience a unique and exciting shopping atmosphere. We host events after-hours and on Saturdays with food, drinks and live music. You can meet your favorite vendors, learn about shops and meet other shoppers who share your interest in antiques.

We also hold special sales and giveaways during events, so you can finally snag that piece you've been eyeing. Don't hesitate to stop by and participate in the fun.

We are no longer serving food or drinks at events due to COVID-19 concerns. Call us now at 318-865-5033 with any questions.

We are not currently hosting any events at King's Antiques and More, but check back soon to view an upcoming schedule. In the meantime, stop by the store during normal business hours to shop.